Are You Tough Enough?

The Are You Tough Enough relay race was yesterday, and Team DNR/DTE (Do Not Resuscitate During Tough Enough) was tougher than tough. We battled cooler than normal temps, wind, fog and a continuous series of major uphills and downhills. But with great company, the most entertaining support vehicle, strong steady running and a casual and relaxed team attitude, we finished our 100km relay in 10 hours and 7 minutes. And we all had a blast doing it. Now it’s time for  my 2nd ice bath to aid in the recovery of my sore leg muscles…

Running it in on the last leg. I'm in the fiery orange/red shirt.

DNR runners and support crew: front row - Maggie, Nichol, Rob, Dana; back row - Lindy, Tek, Marnie. Photo taken in Marnie's Fun Bus, recognized as most entertaining support vehicle.

Tough and Sore


3 responses to “Are You Tough Enough?

  1. Congratulations! You’re so amazing! I knew you were tough enough!

  2. Great job! It sounds like a blast!!

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