The Sleepover

Our brave and generous friends willingly invited C over to their house to have a sleepover with their daughter. This invitation sparked a plethora of thoughts and feelings within me. First, I felt shocked by the realization that C was even old enough to do a sleepover. Was she old enough? I swear I was at least 9 years old before I did my first sleepover at a friend’s house. And was that the same year that my friend AC slept over so frequently that my older brother and his friends called her “the live-in?” But back to the story here…

I then wondered how our friends, and more importantly their daughter who would be sleeping inches away from C, would handle C’s teeth-grinding, frequent nightmares, constant kicking and tossing and turning, and occasional sleep chatter.

And then the questions popped up: Would C make it through the night? Will they need to call me at 2am and have me come get her? What if she starts calling for me in her sleep? Will she even want do do a sleepover? Won’t she miss me? She’s going to miss me, right?????

C was ecstatic to spend the night at her friend’s house, and that’s really not too surprising. Last summer she spent close to 5 days with her Nana and Beeka in Washington State while the the rest of us Bahnsons were in Santa Barbara. One night at a a friend’s house 7 minutes away? How could she resist?

The morning of her sleepover, she burst out of bed with, “Mommy! Will you take me to E’s house now for my sleepover?”

10 hours later, on the way to her friend’s house, I told her, “You know I won’t be there if you have a nightmare.”

“I know, Mommy. But I don’t have nightmares when I sleep at other people’s houses.”

We spent a couple of hours at our friend’s house chatting and having dinner. C felt at home immediately, thanks to our wonderful friends and their children. By the time F, P and I left for the night, C was trading outfits (for the 5th time) with her friend and performing gymnastics on their couch cushions.

And, of course, C was fine the entire night and came home the next morning happy and smiling.

“Did you have fun?”

“Yes,” she said happily. “And I did miss you a lot, but I want to do another sleepover!”

And so it begins. It starts with one friend sleeping over, then two friends, then an entire slumber party. And we all know what happens to the first girl who falls asleep at a slumber party…do the other girls draw on her face with Sharpie? Or does she get her training bra thrown in the freezer? Or do her friends dip her fingers in a cup of warm water so she pees in her sleep? Ah, sleepovers…


2 responses to “The Sleepover

  1. Ah! the first sleepover is done…what a relief, huh?! But, yes, I am not looking forward to the full-blown sleepovers 😉

    • What do boys do during slumber parties? Or do I not want to know? And do you not what to think about it with your 2 boys? I can’t remember if my brother ever had a group of his friends over for a sleepover.

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