My older brother is often mistaken as my younger brother. Obviously, he’s preserved his youthful appearance while I’ve grown worn and haggard.  Perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but we are like night and day. In my eyes, he’s cool, I’m a dork. He gets excited by skateboards, skate parks, Best Buy and gas station sunglasses. What makes me all giddy are running shoes, Costco, frozen yogurt shops and my newest shower caddy.  He’s social and fun and outgoing while I tend to be reserved, quiet and shy. He spends his weekends “on location” all over Los Angeles while I spend them chasing my kids all over Santa Barbara. We’ve got our differences, and sure, I’ll never forget the day he burned my Smurfette doll, but we do support each other. And we’ve got the same tattoo so we’re bonded for life, right?  So for the 2nd time in my life, I feel the need to say something somewhat sappy about him. (The 1st and only other time I did this was in an essay I wrote for my college applications. You better suck it up, bro!)

I’m so proud of my brother. Twelve years ago he earned his Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Over the past 12 years, he put in time as a special education teacher while continuing to pursue his passion by writing stories, scripts, and screenplays and by directing sketch groups at local theaters in Chicago. Neither teaching nor writing/directing has been very lucrative, but that never got in his way of doing what he loves and of pursuing his goals and dreams. His persistence, hard work, creativity and passion landed him a spot in the USC School of Cinematic Arts, the oldest film school in the nation, where he is currently pursuing an MFA in Production.

His latest project is a documentary titled “Lines” which he pitched for an advanced documentary class. About 7-8 students pitched ideas, and only 3 of the students’ ideas were selected and produced. “Lines” is one of the films that was selected, produced and will be screened at Norris Theater on the USC campus. This is no joke. Norris Theater is a 341-seat motion picture theater, equipped with THX sound. The screening is this Friday, and it’s going to be rad to see my bro’s film on the big screen. F worked it out with his schedule so both he and I will be able to attend, and my parents are even flying in for the event and to celebrate my brother’s film and accomplishments. Here’s to you, Kokoy! I rarely tell you this, but I’m so proud of you and I have always admired and looked up to you a lot more than you know! (FYI: My brother’s real name is Joselito. His Filipino nickname is Kokoy.)

“Lines” Screening – Friday, May 7

7:00-10:00pm    Norris Theater, USC

A documentary about:

Skateboarding. Three Kids. Venice, CA. A school for skateboarders. A ramp. A skatepark. A skateshop. Mentors. Responsibility, choice, learning. Becoming men. Becoming adults. This line, that line, which line? Sick tricks, rad lessons about life, struggle, futures, learning from mistakes, learning from the positive.

Come check out “Lines” as it’s released to the world! Two other kick-ass films will be showing as well! It promises to be a fun night!

Director: Joselito Seldera
Producers: Kate Everly, Christopher Pratola
Editors: Gabriel Renfro, Brian Scofield
Sound: Sean Blanche, Ryan Christensen
Cinematography: Paul Gleason


4 responses to “Lines

  1. That is so awesome! Wish I could come see it.

  2. And of course the Best Supporting Local Grandparent-Surrogates Award goes to… 😉 See you Fri aft.

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