Pork not People

The other night we were eating bbq’d ribs for dinner. This was the conversation between C and F:

C: Why do people call it ribs when it’s not ribs?

F: It is ribs.

Long pause.

C: How do people cook the people?

Long pause.

F: They’re not people.

Long pause.

C: Oh.

Long pause. Blank stare by C.

F: They’re pork.

Long pause.

C: Oh.


4 responses to “Pork not People

  1. HA! We just had a conversation like this with Henry about Hamburgers and cows…he got a little teary, but then asked for meatballs for dinner, so… šŸ™‚ I love that she wasn’t particularly disturbed about it being people !

    • Actually, the total lack of response to her own idea that she was eating people ribs was probably the most amusing (and concerning?) part of the whole event.

  2. makes you wonder what she thinks Daddy is doing with those surgery patients that don’t quite have the outcome that one would hope for!

  3. I snorted reading this. Just a little. Hil-ar-i-ous!

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