Today was my first official training run with Santa Barbara Team in Training. SB TNT has a terrific training program, led by experienced and knowledgeable coaches, that safely prepares beginner runners for their first half or full marathon, while offering more experienced runners opportunities to improve their running speed, endurance and overall running fitness. This season’s team has a mix of runners ranging from running newbies to runners who have participated in multiple marathons. Today’s run was a light and easy training run for me.

We started at East Beach, just hours before the wind really picked up. After what will be a traditional pre-run chant of GO TEAM, we set off. I spent my run chatting with other runners, something very exciting to me as I’m used to running alone. On the first half of my run, I met a drug and alcohol counselor whose boyfriend has coached previous TNT marathon teams. She started running only 4 months ago and just recently completed a half marathon. At the turn around point, I said hello to my fabulous and inspiring TNT mentor and his equally fabulous and inspiring husband. During the last 10 minutes of my run, I chatted with our team’s assistant coach about his daughter’s decision to attend Pomona College this fall (though I must add that Reed College, my alma mater, was in the running. Go Griffins!)  After our run, we headed over to East Beach Grill for some breakfast, where I talked with a few women on my current team who have trained and raised funds during previous TNT seasons. For someone to return to TNT three or four times says something huge to me about the positive experience one has with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training.

I believe that one of the best things about joining TNT, for me, will be meeting new people and having people to run with and talk with twice a week – once a week during our long runs and once a week during our track/hill workouts. I am so excited to train with and get to know this wonderful group of diverse people.

Please visit my website to see my fundraising progress and support my team’s mission to save lives one mile at a time!


2 responses to “GOOOOO TEAM!

  1. Hmmm. Yes, I’d have to say that TNT has some great coaches this season. You’re going to have a blast. Purple people are wonderful warm,giving,and inspiring species. Go Maggie!

  2. I have had an awesome experience working with a team! I’m so excited for you! Plus, you have the huge added bonus of simultaneously raising money for an excellent cause.

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