Tuesday Night Training

The Nike Women’s Marathon takes place in San Francisco. They tell me there will be some hills to run. Really? I’m just kidding. I know what I’m getting myself into. And the best way to prepare for hills? Train on the hills.

Every Tuesday evening, my Team in Training (TNT) group meets for our speed/strength workout.  Last week we did hill repeats. Tonight we threw in a timed mile that included the hill. Sure, it all hurts. My lungs burn, my legs scream, tonight my arms even got a bit sore from pumping so hard,  but it’s all to become stronger both in body and mind. I’m all for it.

And one surprise of the night? While we were stretching at the bottom of the hill, who cruised by on a surrey while filming a commercial? Who eyed our running group, gave a big smile and a wave? Chad Ochocinco. WHO, you might be asking? Let me break it down for you: Chad Ocho Cinco. Dancing with the Stars – at least that’s the only reason I knew of him. Apparently he also plays wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, but I didn’t know that until someone told me. Oh, and perhaps you knew him as Chad Johnson, before he changed his name to Chad Ochocinco? Someone told me that, too.

From football star...

...to Dancing with the Stars.

Saving Lives One Hill at a Time http://pages.teamintraining.org/los/nikesf10/mbahnson


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