My Tenderloin

The psoas (pronounced so-az) “primarily flexes the hip and the spinal column. At about 16 inches long on the average, it is one of the largest and thickest muscles of the body (in animals it’s known as the tenderloin). This powerful muscle runs down the lower mid spine beginning at the 12th thoracic vertebrae…”

According to my Team in Training running coach, who is also a local chiropractor, my psoas might very well be the source of the hip/glute/groin pain I’ve been slightly noticing for months now but has increased in discomfort over the past 2 weeks. My coach is a sweet, smart and funny young woman, runner, about my height though built smaller than myself, and with the strongest hands you’ll find this side of the Mississippi. I had no idea of the power she possessed, until last Saturday, after our long run, she started pointing out certain parts of my hip and lower back and then within seconds had her hand digging into my side pressing on my psoas.

“OH MY GOD! Oh oh oh. Oh. My. God. Mercy!” I started shouting as my knees started buckling.

“Yeah, that’s your psoas,” Coach N told me.

She proceeded to show me some stretches and gave me suggestions on what to do for the next few days. Along with specific stretches, icing and using the foam-tastic roller, I am to ease back on my running mileage and intensity. Meaning, I should stick to the schedule and not over train like I’ve been doing.

I can do that. At least I think I can. I know I should. It’s so important to me to be healthy at the time of my marathon in October. Taking it easy now will help make me stronger so I don’t end up injuring myself so seriously that I have to withdraw from my marathon.  Not running the marathon is not an option. I’ve got people to run for in October!

So this week I plan to stick to 2 very short runs, the weekly speed/strength workout with my TNT group, one long run, and a cross-training day. My 2 Pilates classes will be skipped for the week and I will not do a double spin workout to make up for my shortened runs. It’ll be hard not to go hard this week. But, it’s all about getting some TLC — that’s Tender Loin Care.

I told Coach N. I could stick to that plan and she gave me the thumbs up. She assured me there will be plenty of time in the coming months to increase my mileage.

Then, she slyly grabbed my inner thigh and pinpointed another muscle deep down that made me want to scream, “F@CK!!!!”

Ok, Coach. Yes, I’ll follow the plan. No need to whip out those muscle hands again. I got the point!

Psore Psoas but Still Racing to Save Lives:


3 responses to “My Tenderloin

  1. I’ve been thinking about your loins… I wonder if you’re pushing too hard on your hill workouts? Maybe slow down and focus on form a week or two. And, I definately recommend seeing a sports physical therapist sooner than later, to assess your gait and cue you in to any easy counter-balance strength training or stretching that might help. Not that you asked 🙂 Hope they feel better soon!!

  2. Yoga. My yoga teacher is always working on our psoases. (sore asses) Maybe I should say sorry asses. There are some very good asanas that directly address that.

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