Week 4 and Sore

I’m a bit sore. I have not felt sore post-run in about 2 months, so this is a feeling I welcome. It means I worked hard, right? I probably worked a bit too hard, and next Saturday I’ll need to ease back a bit, but you live and learn, or in this case, you run and learn.

This morning, I ran 8.75 miles at a pace about 40 seconds quicker than I normally run. I found myself running with Bree, a very speedy teammate who pushes me to run faster, which is good. I enjoy running with her, trying to talk with her in between gasps for air and trying to keep up with her. At our turn around point, I let Bree go free as she decided to pick up her pace and push herself to run with Jacob, the only teammate who runs faster than Bree. And, as my 2-year-old would say, “She did it!”

While Bree sped off with Jacob, I managed to maintain the pace I had been running with Bree and do 4 sets of strides during the last half of the workout. It was tough work but well worth it at the end. Now it’s time to stretch and roll with the foam…

Oh yeah, and my team has raised $22,000 for LLS! We are working hard and running hard to save lives one mile at a time.

Go Team!

Check my fundraising progress and/or make a donation to support The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: http://pages.teamintraining.org/los/nikesf10/mbahnson


One response to “Week 4 and Sore

  1. Great Job! You’re so inspiring!

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