Photo Shoot

It’s not every race you know the photographer snapping pictures at the finish line, so when I saw my friend Drea (of Two Motivate) documenting the end of the Semana Nautica 15K, I had to ham it up. Fred wasn’t as much of a ham, but notice he’s smiling in every picture!

Here I come!!!!

For those who were wondering, Fred was neither barefoot nor in Vibrams. He opted for a very minimal running shoe.


3 responses to “Photo Shoot

  1. you two aren’t even sweating! nicely done. i expect crossed eyes and sticking out your tongue at the end of the next one 🙂

  2. I love that you ran it together, but am insanely jealous that you don’t sweat…you are so beautiful! I love the skirt 😉

    • Oh, I sweat! We were both sweating. For some reason, the photos and my shirt don’t show my sweat, but trust me, I was sweating! ANd my hat was drenched. I think I’m the biggest sweater I know. Really! It’s embarrassing at times!

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