My Team in Training group has been working on shortening our strides and increasing the rate at which our legs turn over. This is all to make us more efficient runners. Ideally, we would take close to 180 steps per minute. One way we tracked this was to count how many times the right foot hit the ground in 30 seconds. (You can keep track on your left foot if you want. The idea is to pick one foot and count how many times that one foot hits the ground in 30 seconds.) The goal is for one foot to hit the ground 45 times in 30 seconds, which would mean 90 steps total in 30 seconds or 180 steps in 60 seconds. The drills we do have helped me land less on my heel and more on my mid/fore-foot as I’m really paying attention to shortening my stride and trying to land foot under knee under hip — so really having my feet land under me rather than in front of me. I’ve been working on form and turnover for a while now, and I believe I’m starting to notice a difference in my running, both in speed and efficiency. This is all because my fabulous TNT coaches and a couple of awesome teammates who model perfect form for me every week! (My new mantra: Run like Bree. Run like Bree. Run like Bree.)

Go Team!



2 responses to “Turnover

  1. I need to try this. I know that a big part of my pace is my stride. When I pay more attention to the stuff they talked about in Born to Run, I do so much better. Tomorrow will be my first run in a couple of weeks…I feel blech! I’m so proud of you!

  2. Yay I made your blog:)

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