ANTM – That stands for America’s Next Top Model, for those of you not heavily tuned into pop culture. Tyra Banks is the host and she and her panel of judges critique aspiring models on their fierceness, their angles, and their smeyesing — smilling with their eyes. Who’s still in the running to be America’s Next Top Model?

I can hear Tyra now, “Cecilia’s got what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model.”  Ok, maybe more like Toddlers and Tiaras? I kid, I kid. But when you see these pics…

Let me first say that Cecilia is a girly-girl. She likes to wear dresses and try on all of my shoes. I had just gotten a pair of strappy high heels and Cecilia was itching to get her little feet into them. Of course, I had to document the scene since it’s always so cute to me when little girls dress up in their mommy’s clothes. I had no idea Cecilia would seize the opportunity and strike a pose that would make Tyra proud. (Just to be clear, Cecilia has never been coached in any of this. I’m awkward in front of a camera and F is rarely photographed with his eyes completely open. I guess Cecilia just loves the camera.)


Using her angles

Her "I'm a miserable model" look

The Shoes!


2 responses to “ANTM

  1. Cute shoes! Cute little girl! Now the two of you need to go on a date and strut your stuff!

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