Miss Cecilia Goes to Kindergarten

The time has come. As Fred jokes, “It’s the end of her childhood. Everything from now on is preparation for the work place.”

Last Thursday, Cecilia started Kindergarten at the Santa Barbara Charter School and we love it! Well, I love it and Fred loves it and I’m pretty sure Cecilia loves it, too. She adores her teacher, Sonia, who is a funny, energetic, devoted and wise teacher – everything we can ask for in a Kinder teacher.  Charter School relies heavily on parent involvement, so I’ve already spent a morning helping out in the classroom and meeting the other 19 kids in C’s class. I look forward to spending every Monday morning in the classroom – a nice way for me to be back in the elementary school setting without having to be the teacher! Can you tell I’m excited for this new stage in C’s life?

As for Cecilia, she has so much to share every day at pick-up time. She painted a beautiful name tag for her cubby, she’s learned 2 new songs and is making new friends. She tells me about the classroom and playground guidelines and actually started freaking out when I crossed a yellow line at the base of the hill on the playground. (The playground has various yellow lines painted on the ground and kids are not to cross those lines without permission from a teacher or parent volunteer. The kids do a great job with following this guideline. Cecilia’s freak-out was remarkable. It was if she thought something horrible was going to happen to me because I had crossed that line.)

I will say, Cecilia has definitely been more tired, crabby and emotional since Kindergarten began, but I think after this year, she’ll be ready to go out into the workforce. Ha ha.

I asked C to give me 3 words to describe Kindergarten and she said, "Fun, exciting and new."

Getting straight to work.


2 responses to “Miss Cecilia Goes to Kindergarten

  1. I am incredibly jealous that that teacher gets to spend several hours a day with that girl. Arrggh! Why can’t I be her kindergarten teacher?? (I would probably play favorites . . *sigh*). Yay Cecilia! (And yay for you guys when she starts working. Then she can finally pay some rent.)

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