It’s On.

I’m usually not a very competitive person. Usually.

F started running less than a year ago, and I’m so impressed by his commitment and very proud of his progress. (This past week he made it to the double digits and ran 10 miles! His longest run EVER!) But for years now, I have always been the runner in the family. Sure, he could cycle up Mt. Hood 5 times faster than I can, but I’ve always had more stamina, endurance and speed when it came to running. He’s gaining on me with stamina and endurance, though I still hold court there. However, with speed…

Earlier this summer, I ran a timed 5K and clocked in at 22:50, my fastest 5K to date. Ok, it’s not sub 20:00 like half of Santa Barbara can run, but it’s fast for me. For a good 2 months, I held the 5K record in our house. Well last week, F decided to race Nite Moves and really push it to his limits. He finished in 22:32! Bravo to him, but now my competitive streak has emerged and we shall see how long he holds the house record. The battle is on!

Who will come out on top?


2 responses to “It’s On.

  1. You guys are FAST! I don’t see you letting that record sit for long 🙂

  2. Oh I would be SO annoyed. Not that I’m competitive either……….22:50……SERIOUSLY? That’s wonderful!!!!!!!! BTW………your age graded percentage was still better then his. Use an age graded calculator which equalizes the battlefield in terms of sex and age and you will find that you came out on top.(Assuming you guys are roughly the same age.)

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