Mr. Moo-Moo

While we were visiting Fred’s parents on Fall City Farms last  month, one of the cows was pregnant. Just a couple of weeks ago, the farm welcomed a new bull calf. Nana D. and Beeka chose Augustus, or Gus, for the calf’s name, but they wanted to know if the beloved grand daughters wanted to give the calf a second name. After very little thought, Cecilia came up with the names Mr. Moo-Moo and Erik. Erik? Really? She then had me tell Nana D. and Beeka that she thought the calf should be called Gus Erik Moo-Moo. The doting grandparents honored the 1st grandchild’s request and decided to give the calf a first, middle, and last name. They have officially named the bull calf Mr. Augustus Erik Moo-Moo. Gus for short and Mr. Moo-Moo in more formal settings.

Mr. Augustus Erik Moo-Moo and his mama (photo courtesy of Nana Debbie)


One response to “Mr. Moo-Moo

  1. awww.. your daughter is sooo smart!

    welcome to the world, mr. augustus erik moo-moo 🙂

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