Say What?

Kids do say the funniest things. They are honest and have no filters, which at times can lead to some offensive comments. Good thing they are so cute and innocent right? Working with kids, as a teacher and as a parent, is a job filled with much laughter. Take the other day, for example, when I was volunteering in my daughter’s Kindergarten classroom.

Little girl: Smell my lips.

Me: What? Smell your lips? Umm….

Little girl: Yeah, they smell like cherries. (She starts approaching me with her lips.)

Me: That’s ok. I believe you.

One year when I was teaching 1st grade, one of my students came back to the classroom from the boys’ bathroom.

Little boy: Teacher, are you wearing cheap perfume? ‘Cuz it smells like cheap perfume in here.

Me: No, I’m wearing very nice perfume, I think.

Little boy: Hmph. It still smells like cheap perfume in here.

And just this afternoon, Cecilia and I were talking about what she worked on in Kindergarten today.

C: We are learning about pairs. Things come in pairs. Eyes and ears come in pairs.

Me: Yes, and socks come in pairs.

C: And nipples! Mommy, nipples come in pairs! But we won’t talk about our private parts.



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