3 Hours

We did it! We survived our longest training run to date…3 full hours, 19.17 miles for me. I felt pretty good throughout the entire run. And when it did get tough, we remembered why we were out there.  For our friends, family, co-workers…

Several friends and family who donated to my fundraising campaign made donations in honor or in memory of someone dear to them. I am running for…

My mom, Dr. Joy Seldera, for Angie Hernandez, Patricia Aggabao, my husband’s uncle – John Allen Goodman, Gail Eakright, Christina Kinsky, John Wootton, Rufino Faytaren, my Lolo – Gaudioso Zerrudo, Ryan Kramer, Dr. Tavera, and my husband’s uncle – John Miller.

My team has raised over $60,000 for LLS. I am so proud to be a member of Santa Barbara Team in Training. Five more weeks until the Nike Women’s Marathon. One more long run of 3 hours and 15 minutes. We can do it! Go Team!


One response to “3 Hours

  1. wow…sadly, when you finished 19 miles, I was just finishing my 13… 😉

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