Animal Tag

Today Cecilia spent a lot of time drawing pictures. Well, we started by playing “school.” She told me I was playing the art teacher and she gave me the specific assignment I was to give to her. For one assignment, she had  to use the color purple. For another drawing, she told me to tell her to put a person in the picture. The last assignment was to draw whatever she wanted. (That was actually my idea and she liked it!)

Her last drawing was a favorite of mine. She described the animals as playing tag, and she labeled all the pieces of her picture. She was unable to spell out the words in their entirety, so she wrote down the first letter for each word. I love it! (You’re probably thinking that her teacher mother asked her to label her pictures, but I didn’t! She did that on her own. It’s really cool to witness my daughter’s reading and writing progression and to see her acquire skills and knowledge that I’ve tried to teach to my former students.)

H=hot air balloon; P=person; L=leopard; R=rabbit; G=grass; H=hill; M=mice


2 responses to “Animal Tag

  1. I like her sense of color!

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