Next Challenge: The Trail

I’m signing up for my first trail race: The Malibu Creek Trail Race in the Santa Monica Mountains. It’s not until March 6, 2011, but I’ll need all the time to train.

I’m planning on running the 25km distance which has an elevation gain of 2970 feet. Check it out:

I am terrified. Absolutely terrified. I’m terrified of the pain in my legs and lungs as I try to climb and descend those thousands of feet. And what about all those animals on the trails. Mountain lions, snakes, rodents, bunnies. Yes, bunnies. I’m startled easily, even by those innocent lizards and cute little furry bunnies.

But I think it will be a fun challenge that will get me off the roads and bike paths and back onto the local trails – trails I have not enjoyed in months. And, according to my go-to guy on all things running and trail running enthusiast JK, I might discover a new addiction that will have me leaving the pavement behind more and more. That’s not such a bad thing.

But did I mention I’m terrified? I’ll try to take comfort in Caballo Blanco’s words from Born to Run: Know why he could do it? Because no one told him he couldn’t. If you put your body into a situation, it will figure out what to do.

Let’s just hope my body doesn’t decide to crawl into a hole and die.


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