New Mantra

Since May, I’ve been taking a Mat Pilates class at the gym about once or twice a week. It is now November and while I have noticed a huge improvement in my core strength (yes, I DO have strong core muscles underneath those stretch marks and that soft layer of flab),  I still have not been able to get through all the small, medium and large leg circles. I blamed it on my marathon training.

Before class this morning, I was telling a friend how I still cannot complete all the circles without resting. I no longer have the marathon excuse since my legs feel pretty good. It’s just that I can’t do all of them and I haven’t been able to do all of them EVER. I had my silly excuses: My legs simply feel too heavy to move in continuous circles. Maybe my legs are too big? They are not built to do Pilates leg circles?

HA! Her advice?

“I think you gotta just suck it up and get through them.”

What? Suck it up? I was hoping to hear something like, “Oh, it’ll be ok. You’ll be able to do them eventually…” or “Hmmm, maybe something is wrong with your legs and you need to go see a physical therapist…” Instead, I think my friend knew that deep inside, I could do those damn circles. And I suppose after 6 months of trying, it really was time to suck it up.

So I did. I sucked it up, accepted the pain and just kept my legs moving in various size circles without giving myself those breaks I had grown accustomed to having. Maybe my leg circles weren’t as fast as the instructor’s circles, but they were circling. And you know what? I made it through the entire leg circle series.

New mantra: Suck it up. Suck It Up and then Just Do It.  Thanks, Drea!


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