Theme Song

The other day, F and I were talking about how I got through the last miles of my marathon. I dedicated miles to specific people, focused on one mile at a time, pinpointed landmarks. F hasn’t yet run a marathon but he has worked in the Operating Room throughout a 6+ hour Whipple procedure. During those hours, presumably he’s thinking about the operation itself.  However, there are times during his residency when he gets himself through with a little internal humor and a personal soundtrack. He recently told me that there was a particular song he thinks of as a theme song for residency, largely because of the lyrics in the chorus:

Remember The Name by Fort Minor.

This is 10 percent luck, 20 percent skill
15 percent concentrated power of will
5 percent pleasure, 50 percent pain
And 100 percent reason to remember the name.

It’s a great song. And it can apply to anything really.

Check it out: 


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