The Wobble Fairy

When Penelope started “talking,” she used the word wobble for pacifier. I don’t know how she came up with wobble, but that’s what it was and that’s what stuck. From then on, the whole family started calling pacifiers wobbles.

P turned two and a half this past weekend, and we decided that that was a good age to give up the wobbles. A friend told me about the pacifier fairy, or what we call the Wobble Fairy. Simply package up the wobbles and send them off to the Wobble Fairy. For several weeks we prepped P, telling her we would soon send her wobbles to the Wobble Fairy. The day finally came, and early in the morning P and her dad grabbed the owl wrapping paper, carefully wrapped up the 4 wobbles and put them in the mailbox to be mailed to the Wobble Fairy.

Later that day, we checked our mailbox and found the wobbles were gone but there was a package left, to Penelope from the Wobble Fairy.

“More wobbles?” Penelope asked.

Not quite. But the Wobble Fairy was so thankful to receive more wobbles that she left P a replacement comfort item: Baby Penguin.

At first, P was hesitant with Penguin. But after a few hours, she realized the wobbles were gone and she took comfort in Penguin. Now every morning at 5am, instead of walking into our bedroom asking for a wobble, P walks into our bedroom with Penguin in tow and cuddles up next to us until she’s ready to get up for the day, which is usually by 5:05, but that’s another story.

Mailing the wobbles

Checked mail - wobbles gone and replaced with a package

Not so sure about this wobble replacement

Cuddling with Penguin (F wanted to name him Wobble but that didn't go over well with P. Understandably so.)




4 responses to “The Wobble Fairy

  1. Poor P. It’s so hard to let go sometimes. New friends do help with that though, brilliant idea on the penguin. Happy to see you tonight. (i got cancelled and i’m going to bed right now!!!!!joy.)

  2. Congrats P! Giving up the wobbles is a hard thing to do…what a big girl!

  3. wow. Your kids are not just cute or pretty, they are breathtaking girls!

  4. That is the cutest story. Think I can try the same tactic with breast feeding?! Too bad I can’t wrap ’em up and tell olive they’re off to the fairy!

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