Rain and Cats

It’s raining here in Paradise, and not just sprinkles and mist, but a heavy rain. It’s been raining all day for the past 3 days and we’ve got about 3-4 more days to go. To help prevent cabin fever, F and I ventured out into Romero Canyon for a wet, muddy trail run.

A hiker spotted a mountain lion on Romero last weekend, so my senses were incredibly heightened. I imagined getting myself stuck in the mud and then attacked by a wild cat. That’s not the way I wanna go right now.

F and I started our run in some steady rain, and after a couple miles of climbing, we noticed we were still in clouds and fog, but we must have been above the rain, which was a cool thought. Or maybe we were just so wet we no longer noticed.

Over the course of our 95 minute adventure, we ran in and out of rain and through wind tunnels with strong headwinds driving rain into our eyes and tailwinds pushing us along. There were numerous places where we had to dodge some rockslides and run through ankle deep rushing water. At times, the dense clouds made it difficult to see to the next bend in the trail. No mountain lions around corners, phew, though a flock of small birds did scatter as we rounded a bend, and of course that sent me into a panic.

“It’s a flock of birds, Mags. Geez, you’re so wound up,” F said. At one point he pointed out a cute little bunny alongside the trail. Of course, I imagined seeing mountain lion come up from behind and devour the furry little creature.

Despite the mountain lion paranoia, it was a lovely run. I felt the strongest I have ever felt since I started this whole trail running thing. I loved splashing through the puddles like a wild woman, and I felt free and alive running through the lush canyon. I was so happy to be running a long rainy run on trail rather than on road.

F and I were the only people on the trail until we reached the trail head where we saw Nichol and her experienced trail running posse. Upon seeing us, one woman in the group exclaimed,”Oh! There are others!”

Yup, a handful of us made it out for a wet trail run today and it was so worth, mountain lion panic and all. (Though I swear I heard a growl at one point during our run. I asked F if a mountain lion would growl at me. He just shook his head at me like I was a crazy lady, which I am, obviously.)


4 responses to “Rain and Cats

  1. I so hear you. It was so glorious.

  2. That’s awesome! I need to find a trail nearby and try to brave it to mix it up on my shorter days…

  3. Went running on Saturday midst blowing wind and 38 degrees, just around the farm and on the road, so a mix of trail and road. First thought it would be too cold on my lungs, but found it was my best run in the last few weeks. I stopped noticing the rain.

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