A Letter to My Husband

Dear F,

Three and a half years ago, your general surgery residency program took us away from our lovely life in Portland to this unfamiliar beach town called Santa Barbara. While reluctant at first, I’ll admit it hasn’t been too hard to grow accustomed to the sunny, dry weather and the beautiful views of the mountains and ocean. I’ve made wonderful friends, and the girls and I have been taking full advantage of all the activities Santa Barbara has to offer. With only a year and a half left before the end of your program, I’ve come up with yet another reason why I can’t leave this place I now call Paradise: running in Romero Canyon.

Come mid-summer of 2012, after you have packed and loaded our belongings and strapped the girls into their carseats, ready to drive north or east or north-east toward where your new job and our new home await, you might need to come get me. I’ll be enjoying one last view from 2000-3000 feet up, gazing down at Montecito, the Pacific ocean and beyond.

Thank you for another year of good health and happiness in Santa Barbara.

Your loving wife,



2 responses to “A Letter to My Husband

  1. I love it. You are such a great wife. I definitely feel like the friends I made in MA are lifelong friends. I think that the thing that separates ‘us’ from ‘them’ is that we live there, while they’re working there. We get to do all the fun things that the places have to offer, and we know there’s a time limit so are motivated to get them all in. I’m so excited to see where you guys land!

  2. M- I heard that Cottage is a pretty good place to work. You might mention it to F. -N

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