Girls’ Night

When Fred’s on call, I host a girls’ night. We order in pizza, plop on the couch and watch an animated movie that almost always has a beautiful princess as the main character. Saturday night’s girls’ night featured one of my childhood favorites: Beauty and the Beast. Yes, girls’ night consists of me, 5-year-old Cecilia and 2-year-old Penelope. It’s a good time, though I do look forward to when we can graduate from princess movies and watch cheesy romantic comedies together. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of my girls inherited my love for Hugh Grant movies.

Our wild girls' night!



4 responses to “Girls’ Night

  1. So sweet. Can’t wait to have my girl’s night with Olive! So 2 year old have the attention span for a movie, eh? Great!

  2. You will never be alone for a Hugh Grant movie – we are both on call for those, anytime. Weird, huh!?

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