When I Grow Up…

“I want to be a diamond minder. Like Snow White’s dwarves. They are diamond minders.”

Who do you think said that? Yup, the elder. L’il Miss C-Star. And she did say minder. That’s not a typo.

“Why do you want to be a diamond miner?” I asked her.

“I’m going to dig up lots of diamonds and have lots of diamonds to study and to look at and to decorate my house,” she explained as she gracefully twirled into the living room. Will she ever outgrow her love for bling? Doubt it.

Apropos of nothing, I’m sore. I should say, I’m still sore from a workout I did this past Thursday at Fit Buddha, a brand new studio in downtown SB. The studio features an insane machine called the Megaformer, and thanks to Drea, one of the studio’s certified instructors, I was able to attend a mock class with her before the studio opened. So how was it?

OH. MY. GAWD. It was the hardest workout I have ever tried. I consider myself a fit individual…I’m a runner in training for a 25K trail race. I run hills. I take spin class every week. I lift weights and I do mat pilates 2-3 times per week. I’m sore from something every week. I know sore. But Drea and the Megaformer had me screaming for mercy. I was dripping in sweat within the first 5 minutes of class and feeling fire in my abs and arms…holding myself up and pulling up into Giant Spoon, dipping into Silver Spoon…YOWZA. I’ll admit, I glanced at the clock, and when I realized only 8 minutes of class had gone by, I thought, “How the hell am I going to get through the rest of class?!?!” Furthermore, my ass was burning and my legs were quivering throughout much of the 40 minute session.  Yes, only 40 minutes, but 40 super intense minutes that left me sore in places I didn’t think could get sore.

And you know what? I want more!!!! The Megaformer kicks ass!!! I look forward to getting back on that machine hopefully sooner rather than later. I encourage everyone to try out a class at Fit Buddha. Sure, it’s f*#%ing hard and requires strong focus and determination to get through the sweaty, burning session, but it’s fun, too! Really, really fun! If you like to work hard, this class is for you. And if you take Drea’s class, I assure you her clear and precise instructions along with her energy, encouragement, and enthusiasm will get you through the 40 minutes. And it’s *only* 40 minutes. Give it a try.


One response to “When I Grow Up…

  1. That sounds awesome! I wonder how the not-so-fit (aka me) would fare…I’ll have to look it up and see if they have one of those anywhere in my vicinity 😉

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