While I’m sitting at home in my tank top and running crops, two-thirds of the country is getting a beat down from Old Man Winter, for about the 7th time this year. My hometown is included: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin less than 2 hours north of Chicago.

F’s mom, who lives outside of Seattle, sent me an email this morning:

Maggie – How are your parents faring in this weather? Are they staying home? WOW! It looks horrendous!

I replied: My dad escaped to the Philippines in the nick of time. His flight left Detroit at 3pm Monday. I should call my mom…

I gave my mom a ring but no answer. Meanwhile, I read about the storm. NPR wrote, “The storm — billed as the worst in decades — unleashed most of its fury on the heartland, bringing Chicago and the rest of the Midwest to a standstill.” That was in their articled titled, “Colossal Storm Paralyzes Midwest As It Moves East.”

My mom called me at 10:00am Central time.

“Hey, Mom. Where are you? Home?”

“Hi, well, I’m here with my friend’s son. He picked me up from home. He’s taking me to the hospital and then he’ll take me home again later. B&J didn’t come to plow. B&J told me the snow was too thick and I had to stay home, but I can’t stay at home!”

My parents live at the end of a long driveway that descends into a little valley. It’s a private driveway so they have a private company (B&J Tree Service) come to plow their driveway at all hours. You see, both of my parents are physicians. They need their driveway cleared as soon as possible. My mom is the hardworking Dr. Joy Seldera, obstetrician-gynecologist extraordinaire. Paralyzed by snow? Stay at home? Not for Dr. Joy. She’s got babies to deliver. Old Man Winter can’t keep those babies from popping out!

“Wait, how did your friend’s son get down the driveway?”

“Oh, he has his own plow so he plowed down. When we got back up near the top of the driveway, we veered off the road. Good thing Mr. Kowalski was driving by. He hitched a rope to us and pulled us back onto the road.”

“How much snow is there?”

“I opened the garage door and the snow was up to my hips. About 20 inches or so. But even more in Chicago!”

We said our goodbyes and hung up.

20 inches of snow?!?!  Seriously? Egad! Sure, I miss snow. I miss snow days and having more than enough snow not only to build little snow forts but entire snow villages. But I know that after a while, say 25 years for my parents, it gets a bit tiresome, and it can be dangerous. At least my mom is safe delivering babies at the hospital and doesn’t have to drive herself around in the snow, and my dad…he’s probably kicking back in the Philippines, enjoying a much deserved break from the Wisconsin winter, basking in the 80 degree weather and relishing his view of Makati City.

Descending Valley Drive (my parents' driveway) without 20 inches of snow. (Photo from 2009.) Imagine 20 inches of snow eventually plowed off with giant snowbanks on each side.


3 responses to “Snownami

  1. Brings back childhood and adolescent memories of blizzards aka “snow days” in Brooklyn, NY.

  2. AH, Brooklyn. My brother and I were both born in Brooklyn. Yes, I loved snow days too!

  3. crazy! I am SO glad we left Mass when we did! They’ve had SO MUCH snow this year!

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