Penelope Poops a Rainbow

While F was out running MDO, Penelope was working on her potty training. After countless runs back and forth from the living room to the bathroom, P finally had a BM in her little yellow and white potty. To poop in the potty for the first time is a grand accomplishment for a 2.5 year old, and a fascinating one.

“Yay, Penelope! You pooped in the potty!” Cecilia and I told her.

Penelope slowly turned and looked at what was in her potty. Without saying a word, she helped me dump her not-all-that-small BM into the big toilet and flush it away.

When Fred came home from his trail race, he asked her, “Did you poop and pee in your potty today, Penelope?”

“Yeah!” she exclaimed in her sing-song voice..

“You peed AND pooped?” he asked again.

“Yeah, I pooped! It was a rainbow!” she said proudly as she made an arc with her hand.

Yeah, it really was shaped like a rainbow.


4 responses to “Penelope Poops a Rainbow

  1. HA! You know that means you have your kids on a fab nutrition plan! Good job, mama. I so wish Charlie was potty training 😦

    • Haha! Seriously though, we were not pushing the potty training on Penelope, not after the months of hell we went through trying to get Cecilia potty trained. Fred and I have been on the “she’ll figure it out eventually” plan with Penelope. But then just a couple of weeks ago she started saying, “I’m a big girl. Why do big girls where diapers?” And our friend encouraged us to just put Penelope in real underwear while at home. I suppose she was ready!

  2. Excellent! Ha ha. You know you can come back to fitbuddha, VIP2011 for you and F! Come back and release some stress baby!

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