Lrning To Spel

Yesterday Cecilia found some file folders, plopped down in the playroom with a stack of paper and her markers and started writing.

“What are you doing, sweetie?” I asked her.

“I’m doing paperwork. When I do paperwork I feel like a grown up at the office,” she told me. “This is my office, Mommy.”

As a parent and former elementary school teacher, I am fascinated by my daughter’s reading and writing development. Her invented spelling is coming along quite nicely.

Your heart is a beating thing that helps you.

What is a worm. A worm is a animal that helps the Earth.

My favorite land animal is a dog. My favorite sky animal is a blue jay. My favorite sea animal is a dolphin.

My favorite toy is my rocking horse. My favorite book is Jack and the Beanstalk.

Those were my favorite samples from a stack of her completed paperwork. Cecilia was quite the prolific writer yesterday. Her overflowing file folders reveal that she had a very busy day at the office!

*I must give a shout out to her amazing Kindergarten teacher Sonia at the Santa Barbara Charter School for all she has been doing to help Cecilia develop her literacy skills. You rock, Sonia!


3 responses to “Lrning To Spel

  1. Check out my friend Nichol’s post about her kiddo’s early writing. Hilarious!

  2. she is definitely learning how to write and think.


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