3 Weeks

Three weeks ago today I strained my left calf muscle. Or maybe I tore it. Regardless, it’s been 3 long, drawn-out weeks since my last run. It feels like it’s been months; however, I have started to accept the fact that I am indeed injured. I have been taking various spin and Pilates classes, I’ve been strength training, and I’ve been swimming laps 2-3 times per week. (Pool running just didn’t stoke me so I have yet to re-visit that workout.) During those hour long swims I often think about the few years I spent training for triathlons. Maybe this coming summer will be a triathlon summer?

Of course, nothing quite replaces the 2+ hour long runs I usually do on the weekends, but I’m saving money not having to hire babysitters for those runs! Still, when my friend Sara posted on FB that she finished a 12 mile run and was about to dip into a freezing cold ice bath, a huge part of me felt a longing to be in her shoes. I crave that feeling after a long, challenging run…the feeling of fatigue and soreness in my legs and feet, the feeling of being exhausted yet at the same time energized. Oh, how I miss that. And, honestly, I miss my ice baths, too.

As I glance at my training calendar, I see that I’m supposed to start a 10-week half-marathon training program next week. It’s the Break 2:00 or Bust Plan from Runner’s World, a plan I was hoping to follow for the May 7th Wine Country Half Marathon in Santa Ynez. Unfortunately, I’m not ready to start that training plan. While my calf has been feeling better and better, it still gets a bit tight from spinning and swimming, and there’s even a spot that is still tender when I massage it.  So I’ll give myself another week of cross-training. I also have an appointment with a physical therapist next week. I’m hoping to get some suggestions on calf rehab, and maybe she’ll even tell me I can go ahead and run. Sigh. A girl can dream, right?


One response to “3 Weeks

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry 😦 I’m struggling with being able to run the whole thing…so if it makes you feel any better I didn’t run the whole 12 (but I was still mighty sore…)

    I hope you heal soon, and am so glad to hear that you’re listening to your body and letting yourself get back to a good space before pushing yourself into further injury!

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