I’m cured!!!! Ok, maybe I shouldn’t say that, but I sure am happy!

This morning I met with a specialist who conducted a thorough evaluation of me from pelvis to feet. After numerous pushes, pulls, leg lifts and calf raises, and even the dreaded psoas work, she concluded that I did NOT tear my calf muscle. I definitely tweaked it weeks ago, and even though it hasn’t been bothering me lately, she treated my calf with e-stim (as in electrical stimulation NOT erotic electrostimulation, which was the first thing that popped up when I Googled “e-stim”) Graston and some kinesiology tape. She also referred me to a PT who specializes in spine care, because she believes my calf tweak was due to some significant imbalances in my pelvis/lower back. I never thought my calf problem would be related to my pelvis or lower back, but I trust her professional opinion and I plan on setting up an appointment for some spine treatment with a physical therapist.

And the best part…she told me to try running any time today! If you know me, you shouldn’t be surprised that I was dressed in running clothes with my running shoes in the car in the hopes that I would be given the green light to run. So after my appointment, I headed straight to the gym, hopped on the treadmill and ran super easy for 52 minutes with a smile of glee on my face. Everything felt grrrrrreat! I could have kept going forever, but I knew Penelope would not appreciate me being late for pick-up at her preschool. And, of course, I shouldn’t over-do it.

But, WOW. It felt so good to be running again. Running directly affects my mood and how I feel about myself. Even before I started running, simply knowing I was about to run made me feel stronger and more confident about myself.  Running makes me feel happy, calm, energized and ready to face the rest of my day. I’ve missed it and I’m glad to be back.


4 responses to “Ahhhhh

  1. PT’s are not licensed/legally permitted to do any manipulation…whether it be spinal or extremities…those are the situations where patients get hurt, and then chiropractic adjustments worry people because,”I heard someone got hurt when they did that”
    Only doctors of chiropractic are trained to adjust/manipulate…it takes a great degree of education and skill to do what we do…& you have to know when it’s contra-indicated.
    That being said…I’m super happy to hear you’re back on both feet!!

  2. YEAH! I feel like I have seen you lately and not seen you! I miss you! I am so happy you are once again able to run! I know all too well how painful being side lined is! Welcome back baby!

    • I know, we’ve seen in each other only in passing this week! I don’t know how you made it through your lengthy injury period! I was out only 4 weeks…I know you were out double or triple that. By that fourth week, I had had enough of only swim and spin. I needed to be outside running! I’m keeping fingers crossed that the calf stays strong!

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