SMASH: A Unique Dining Experience

We had some friends over for dinner and introduced them to a format of dining called Smash. (Unfortunately, we cannot take credit for thinking of this idea. It was introduced to us several weeks ago when we had dinner at the house of F’s colleague.) Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Collect the items you wish to devour for your meal.

These foods work well together, but perhaps you would like to make your own combination of Smash items.


Step 2: Set the table.

Cover table with butcher paper and set out condiments of your choosing. No need for plates or utensils. For realz.


Step 3: After cooking your Smash items, dump them on the butcher paper-covered table.

Yes, dump the food on the table. Literally.


Step 4: Find some good friends who won’t think you’re a total Neanderthal, gather ’round the table and dig in.

C likes to start with a potato, smash it and then continue eating.


Don’t judge. Try it! Just Smash It.


4 responses to “SMASH: A Unique Dining Experience

  1. I LOVE this!!!! Invite us over ;)!!!!

  2. Words cannot express what I’m feeling now. Is that shrimp spooning a sausage link??

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