Run Strong in SB

Over the past couple of months, Santa Barbara Trail Runners (a local running group) has been hosting a series of free, low-key trail races on the nearby trails. Last weekend, the race started at the San Ysidro Trail and attracted many local runners as well as a surprise celebrity runner who goes by the name of, drumroll please…Lance Armstrong. Click here for some cool pictures not only of Lance himself but of the awesome local runners attacking the technical trail, some of whom really gave Mr. Armstrong a run for his money.

I admire Lance Armstrong’s athleticism, but how rad is it that three local runners are able to say, “Yeah, I beat Lance Armstrong in a trail race last weekend.” Those guys are hard-core and my hats off to them!

Santa Barbara continues to impress me with its dedication and love for running. We have recreational runners cruising the paths, runners at the track doing speedwork, moms pushing double Bobs at 8:00/mile, people of all levels training for the upcoming Wine Country Half Marathon…everything from novice runners training for their first events to trail runners schooling a 7-time Tour de France champion. And we have over 30 runners who will be representing in the Boston Marathon this coming weekend (and more who could run it but have chosen not to.) While I will never run as fast or be as competitive as many of the runners in this town, they do inspire me to keep running and to explore new routes on and off the road. I’m equally inspired by all those locals who have recently started running or who have always been runners but have taken on a new challenge, such as a new distance (Go, Rita!!!!) or those like my husband who started running while living in SB and now has a half-marathon and 25K trail race under his belt. I think the natural beauty of Santa Barbara and the community’s passion for running truly inspire people to just go out and run.

Damn. Do I really have to leave in 15 months?!?!?!?


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