Beauty and Her Boy

My daughters love princesses. And fairies. And ruffles, glitter, anything that sparkles. They are girly girls, though that doesn’t mean they aren’t bad-asses. Cecilia is on the pre-team gymnastics team. She’s fast and she can do one-handed and no-handed cartwheels and back handsprings. And Penelope is a tank and has mad hops and quite the arm…we’re thinking future softball pitcher or track and field star or maybe swimmer/water polo player. Still, their conversation at the breakfast table had to do with none other than the Disney princesses.  

Penelope: Cee-ya (Cecilia)…Who’s Jasmine’s boy?

Cecilia: Aladdin.

P: Oh, yah. And Ariel’s boy is Eh-wick (Eric) and Sleeping Booty?

C: Ok, Penelope, listen. Jasmine’s boy is Aladdin. Ariel’s boy is Eric. Sleeping Beauty’s boy is Philip. Belle’s boy is Beast. Snow White’s boy is Prince. And Cinderella’s boy is Charming.

Me: Charming? Oh, Prince Charming.

C: Yeah he’s Charming. And Snow White’s boy is just Prince.

Wow. Cecilia teaches me something new every day, and yes, they really did have that conversation.

Belle and Her Boy by Cecilia


One response to “Beauty and Her Boy

  1. That’s some damn good brick on that castle!!

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