This Blog Needs Videos

And here are a couple…Enjoy!

My friend Rita shared this first one with me. It’s blogworthy.

This next one I found on the Run Like A Mother facebook page. It makes me want to run another marathon.


6 responses to “This Blog Needs Videos

  1. Hi Maggie –
    I LOVED THESE!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Off to run up and down some hills 😉

  2. Well, the finishes had me crying – I want to be there ……..
    not running- watching the finishers! Maybe you, someday!!

    • I got teary-eyed, too. Well, you will never see me finish Boston, but maybe Portland Marathon in 2012? I’ll count on you to pick me up off the ground and carry me to the food tent!

  3. Hi Maggie,
    I’m another ‘mama’ on Drea’s blog roll. These videos are great! Hahaha! I love the first one! I’m sure we will ‘run’ into each other soon.

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