My daughters take ballet lessons at Gustafson Dance and they will be performing in Thumbelina at the end of May. This will be Cecilia’s 5th performance with Gustafson Dance and Penelope’s debut performance. We have 8 family members traveling from LA, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin to watch the girls dance around in their super cute outfits (and to celebrate P’s 3rd birthday the following day).

Introducing...Picnic Party and Ladybug

On a different note, we made homemade tutu’s…

Recognize those colors? Team in Training colors! Cecilia wants to wear it at the next Team in Training event.

My own personal cheerleaders. Go Team!

Speaking of Team in Training, I will be participating again this year on staff as a Mentor for the upcoming Disney/Nike team. I will be a Mentor for a group of new TNT participants, helping to inspire, guide, and support them through their fundraising and marathon training. Along with mentoring, I plan to fundraise and train with the team for the Nike Women’s Marathon. Many of you know I had such a wonderful experience with Team in Training last summer/fall, so I am thrilled to be doing this and to spend the next several months (my last summer in SB) as part of Santa Barbara Team in Training. 


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  1. Whoo-whoo! So cute! Miss you!!!!

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