Last and First

Last October, on my flight from Burbank to Oakland for the Nike Women’s Marathon, I met a woman named NR. We talked about her father, her 2 teenage daughters, her work, her life, my family, my 2 little girls, my life, Team in Training and her connection to blood cancer. By the end of the short flight, she made a donation to LLS (in memory of her mother) through my TNT fundraising campaign. She was the last donation I received last season but definitely one of the most inspiring and touching donations I had received.

I very recently sent out my fundraising letters for this season, and yesterday, in my pile of mail, I spotted my self-addressed envelope that I sent out with each fundraising letter. Ooh, I love the excitement and emotion that comes with seeing my self-addressed envelope in my mail, knowing there is a donation inside. Who would it be from????

That first donation that came in the mail was from NR…the wonderful woman I met I on the plane last October. She included a note about her family and what she has been up to the past 7 months. This year she generously donated in memory of both her mother and her husband’s mother.

Once again, I am extremely touched and inspired by NR and I feel so fortunate to have met this kind and generous woman on that Southwest Airlines flight last fall. I think of her often, and I love sharing my story about meeting her  because it was such an inspiring moment that I never thought I’d experience with someone I had just met. She helped me better understand that my fundraising with TNT was so important and touched the lives of so many different people. She was very appreciative of my hard efforts, and I am so grateful for that.

The timing of NR’s donation was the perfect way to start my fundraising season.

Please visit my fundraising website to support The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and/ or to check my progress.


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