Mr. Bahnson

“Mommy,” said Cecilia. “Since Daddy got a teaching award, we can now call him Mr. Bahnson. Not Dr. Bahnson. Or we can call him Teacher. Because he’s a teacher, too, not just a doctor.”

Yup, Fred received a teaching award last weekend during the graduation ceremony of the 5th year General Surgery residents. The teaching award is traditionally given to a 5th year resident chosen by all the residents in the program. No, Fred is not a 5th year resident quite yet. He’s a 4th year and still has another year left in residency. This year the program broke with tradition and awarded Fred, a 4th year resident, with the respected teaching award.

Fred’s awesome. No doubt about it. We are all so proud of him and are continually amazed by his ability to succeed in his general surgery program with two little girls and a borderline crazy wife at home.  As my father-in-law told me the other day on the phone, “You’ve got a really great guy there.” Yup, it’s true.

Now can he win the teaching award next year as a 5th year resident, perhaps win it 2 years in a row? Ha, just kidding. No pressure. But wow that would be cool. But really, no pressure…

The very shiny award


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