It’s 4:25am…

Do you know where your husband is?

Mine is at work. At 4:25am. He’s not even on call and there because it’s part of his 30 hour shift. He just likes to go in so early as if he was an intern again. Ha!

This week was F’s first official week as a 5th year resident, aka a Chief Resident. You would think as a Chief, he’d have a few more perks and a more relaxed schedule. Nah. His commute alone has proven to be a step down from what he has been used to in the past.

We’re in the process of going down to one car, meaning F has to walk to work. That’s not such a big deal since the walk is only about 15 minutes. But that is 15 minutes of F strategically avoiding the dozens of skunks that roam the neighborhood. Last week, he almost fell victim to a spray; however, with some swift movement, F was able to cross the street and bolt away just as he saw the skunk lift up its tail, take aim and release a “Pfffft” from its rear end. (Ok, ok…it’s not like NYC where my parents did their residencies. Dodging skunks is way better than dodging hoodlums. But seriously, it would suck to be sprayed by a skunk, don’t you think?)

As for the schedule…new work restrictions on the interns have impacted F’s own schedule a bit, which is why he has been leaving for work at 4am. (He usually goes to work early, but 4am is Intern early and we thought we were done with those days!)

Happy 5th and Final Year of Residency!


4 responses to “It’s 4:25am…

  1. Did you hear that a new law will prohibit docs from working shifts longer than 16 hours? That ought to make you happy!

    • Ah yes but that law applies only to the 1st year interns. Since they can’t work more than 16 hours, Fred has been having to pick up the slack which is why he has been having to go into work so early!

  2. I’m so proud of you guys, you’re almost done!!! Here’s to a fabulous fifth year, and a speedy return to the Northwest. Cherish your SB runs and fun in the sun, you’re an awesome wife and mama!

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