8 Years

Yesterday, July 19th, was our wedding anniversary. It’s been 8 years since we got married on that sunny day in Chicago. 8 looooooong years. Ha. I kid.

So what did we do? Not much. And it was perfect! J&E took the girls Sunday afternoon. With no clear plans in mind,  Fred and I headed for Butterfly Beach where we lounged  around until we decided to try the Santa Barbara Fish House for dinner. We ended the night with homemade chocolate chip cookies in front of The Adjustment Bureau, which was pretty entertaining and 10 times better than the movie we had watched the night before, which was The Tourist. Wow. I love Johnny Depp and Angelina, but that movie was shockingly not good. And I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to movies.

Anyway, we had decided to celebrate on Sunday because with Fred’s work schedule and my Tuesday Team in Training commitments, we didn’t know if we’d be able to celebrate at all on the actual date of our anniversary. But, last night we both found ourselves home at 8pm and starving for dinner. The girls had been bathed and fed by the sitter and were sound asleep in their beds. So, what better way to celebrate 8 years of wedded bliss but with take-out burgers and onion rings from The Habit! Not fancy but oh-so-delicious. Fred even agreed to eat our burgers in front of one of my new favorite shows – Master Chef. 

I know, we live the crazy life don’t we?

Happy Anniversary to us!

Young Fred and Maggie on our honeymoon in Thailand


6 responses to “8 Years

  1. You’ve hardly aged at all ! Seriously, I thought that was a recent SB photo.

    • I’ve had a lot of work done since being in SB! Ha! Just kidding. I feel like I’ve aged quite a bit since being in SB. It’s all the sunshine here giving me lines and wrinkles and freckles! Next time I see you, I’ll point them all out to you. But, I’d like to think the Asian in me will age well. A fellow Asian friend claims, “Beige don’t age.”

  2. happy anniversary again and many, many more to come !!!!!!!!! Love, Mom and Dad

  3. Amazing! I thought it was a recent photo, too! That good life – I think it’s the ice cream you eat down there.
    Love Mom-Debbie and Dad-Rob

  4. Ah-ha, he made the cookies 🙂 Congratulations!!!!

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