The other night, Cecilia woke up screaming and crying because of a bad dream. It happened at least 2-3 times but she did not want to talk about it until later the next day. Here’s what she said:

“My bad dream was about a bunny in the middle of a picnic blanket. The bunny was surrounded by arrows. Bad arrows. The bunny got one arrow stuck in his finger and when he took it out it turned a burnt orange color. Then the bunny stepped on the arrow and he died.”

Yea, that’s a pretty bad dream for a 6-year-old girl. I continue to be fascinated by the stories, images, thoughts that go through the minds of children. What could possibly have prompted a dream like that?

On a completely different note, Cecilia finally has a loose tooth! She is so excited that she has been begging me to take out her daddy’s tools so she can pull it out herself.

And finally, to make this post full of completely unrelated topics, I have to post this picture of the girls when we went to visit Great Grandma Doris in RPV this past weekend. Check out Penelope’s pose.












One response to “Random

  1. And yet she is still wearing burnt orange! Bunny bleeds burnt orange- must be a Longhorn!

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