Rock and Roll and Don’t Pass Out!

We have nearly perfect running weather here in Santa Barbara. I’m not trying to boast. I’m just telling it like it is. No heat, no humidity. So you can imagine how nervous I am about the fact that I am running the Chicago Rock and Roll Half Marathon this Sunday. Running a race in Chicago in August?!?! What was I thinking?

Fred and I are both running the race, and we keep joking about how the heat and humidity will affect us. Perhaps our typical 2:00 half marathon will turn into 4 hours? We might pass out at mile 7. We might pass out at mile 1. Whatever happens, it will be an experience.

At least the race organizers are thinking about all of us. I received the following email today with really good tips on how to run in the heat. 

A Message from the Running Doc

 The Sports Medicine Team wants you to have a great, safe and healthy race.  

Here are a few tips for running in warm weather:

•    Do not push yourself.  Run at a comfortable pace and ease up if you feel warm.

•    Eat salted foods.  Eat one salt packet at the start line and another half way through the race.  Salt will be provided at the start and again at a water station half way through the race.

•    Don’t over-drink. Drink when you are thirsty, and no more.

•    Use spray stations along the course and at the finish to cool off. 

•    If you’re warm and don’t feel right, stop at a medical station get checked out by a physician.

Visit our website for more information or stop by the Medical Information booth (under the red balloon) at the Health & Fitness Expo to speak to me in person.  

Rock On!

Lewis G. Maharam, M.D., FACSM aka Running Doc™

Medical Director, Competitor Group’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon Series and Team In Training

Author, Running Doc’s™ Guide to HEALTHY RUNNING (Velo Press, 2011)

Coach Susie was just talking to my TNT team about the importance of salt and electrolyte pills. I’ve got a packet  of Endurolytes that I’ve been saving specifically for this event. Hmmm, maybe I should also stock up on some salt packets from McDonalds. And I definitely plan on spending extra time at those spray stations. If anyone has other good tips on running in heat and humidity, please send them my way!


3 responses to “Rock and Roll and Don’t Pass Out!

  1. Good luck, my friend! I’ll be rooting for you and Fred, and sending cool SB thoughts your way! Way to raise another bundle of moolah for cancer research!!

  2. You might try to track down the cooling neck wraps (I don’t know the actual name…they absorb water and stay really cool). Other than that…good luck!

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