Lions and Tantrums and Hills, Oh My!

The scene early this morning:

Fred and I are less than 3 miles into a really hard trail run on a trail completely new to us. Let’s just say I’m just a wee bit frustrated, physically and mentally, and it is obvious.

While running, though really crawling, uphill, Fred is thinking to himself,”Did Maggie just chuck her water bottle at me while running? That wasn’t aimed at me, surely. Hmmm. How do I talk to her about the fact that she is throwing a tantrum like a child? Conclusion: Don’t talk. Maybe try when we’re on a downhill.”

Smart move, husband.

Yes, at 33 years old, I threw a tantrum. Two tantrums, really. While running. Who throws a tantrum at my age while doing something they supposedly love to do?

Shit, that run was killing me though. My generally fit body was not getting me up the mountain like it’s done so well in the past. We were also venturing on a new trail so I didn’t know what to expect. Really, yet another switchback? And now a rock face to scramble up? WTF? All in the first 3 miles? All this led me to cursing under my breath, grunting with every step and throwing my water bottle at the ground on 2 different occasions. 35 minutes int a 2 hour trail run and I was mentally and physically crushed. I was also pissed at Fred. He did drag me onto this new trail, right? Not so much, but he took the blame like the patient, supportive husband of a crazy woman that he is. After 8 years of marriage, he knows me so well. He knows how to deal when I’m not in my happy place.

Luckily, 10 minutes after my tantrum, after a little downhill and while on a less intense section of the trail, the tension was broken by an encounter with a young mountain lion. The mountain lion was about 50 feet in front of us when it looked at us and continued running ahead. Hmmm, young mountain lion…mama must be around nearby…what will she think when she sees Fred and I running after her young one? The young mountain lion turned off of the trail into the vegetation.

“Let’s just keep going, get past this section,” Fred told me. So, I grabbed his hand and crushed it as we ran hand-in-hand a ways down the trail. Awwww, how sweet, huh?

The rest of the trail run was still hellishly hard, but without tantrums, just apologies to the dear husband. 

That run, while no where near my longest run to date, was definitely the most physically and mentally challenging run in a long time. Even Endurox (or liquid crack as some of my TNT teammates like to call it) couldn’t prevent me from crashing post-run. I don’t remember the last time I took a nap after a long run — it’s tough to do with the kiddos needing attention in the afternoon. Thanks to Fred, the girls were entertained for an hour while I dozed off. Yup, he’s a pretty good guy!

Angry Maggie

Angry Mountain Lion



5 responses to “Lions and Tantrums and Hills, Oh My!

  1. Whooo yaaaaaa! Sounds like a kicker! Isn’t it amazing what you can get through when you are forced? You can add that as one of your “character-building” runs. We all need those once in a while to remind ourselves of what is possible.

    • Oh, Becky, it was torturous at times. But, in retrospect, it was “fun” and I’m glad I did it. Now that I know what to expect, I’m actually looking forward to that trail run again. Of course, within minutes I’ll feel the pain again, but hopefully I won’t go to the dark places I went to this morning!

  2. AH!!! What trail was that on??? Not cool to see a mountain lion. I have been seeing a lot of snakes lately, but I like snakes better than lions, I think. I mean 100% if they don’t rattle, yes. Scary!!!

    And, dude you threw your water bottle at him? Time out Maggie! You are so in time out.

    • Haha! Yes I should have had a time out. Two time outs, really, since I threw the bottle twice! I’m so embarrassed!

      The mountain lion was on the Edison Catwalk between Saddle Rock Trail and Girard Trail. I was terrified! Snakes would make me scream. Rattlesnakes would make me pee in my pants. Wild animals need to just stay outta my way!

  3. I love this post! You are such an amazing athlete.

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