6 going on 16

We were in Sears yesterday when Cecilia and Penelope spotted stuffed Angry Birds and immediately became obsessed.

“I want an Angry Bird! I want an Angry Bird!” Cecilia repeated as she pawed every dirty Angry Bird in the the cardboard box. Why does she want one anyway? She doesn’t even know the Angry Birds game. If anyone should want one, it’s me!

“We are not getting you an Angry Bird. If you want one, you can save your allowance money and buy one yourself,” I told her.

“No. I’m saving up for a car,” she responded.

A car. She’s already thinking about a car.

Hmmm, if I save a dollar a week for the next 10 years...that's $520. I already have $37 saved...can I buy that silver Aston Martin?


One response to “6 going on 16

  1. Maggie. I am not so concerned about the tiny girl wanting a car (she should look at a Charger. Those things are fly) as I am that you posted this at 4:43 this morning. GO to SLEEP. 4:43 am is not even a real time.

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