Anatomy Lesson

I’m noticing that Penelope, my 3.5 year old, learns about certain topics at an earlier age than did Cecilia, my 6.5 year old. Obviously, it is because Penelope has an older sister…and we all know how those older siblings are an influence on the younger ones! (I’ve got an older brother myself. I talk from experience!)

Take the human anatomy, for instance. At 6.5, Cecilia’s been at the age where she can no longer go with her Dad into the men’s restroom. She’s having conversations about male and female body parts, what’s appropriate to show and what should be kept private and why. I’m sure Penelope hears bits and pieces of our conversations with Cecilia, and I’m sure Cecilia tries to educate her little sister now and then, too!

The other day Penelope (3.5 yrs old) was giving me a lesson about the body.

“Mommy,” she says. “These are my obliques!” She points at her sides.

“And these are my abobinals!” She pats her super cute round belly (her abdominals).

“And then,” she whispers. “Do you know we have…” Pause. “Pwivate Pawts?”

“That’s true, we do have private parts,” I tell her.

“Yes,” she continues to do her loud-whisper. “My pwivate pawts are my booty and my…pa-jye-ma.”


“Your what?” I ask confused.

She loud-whispers again,”My PA-JYE-MA.”

“Your pa-jye-ma?”

“Yes, where I pee!” she explains.

Ohhhhhh. Got it. You say pa-jye-ma, I say vagina.


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