Santa’s Watching

Penelope and I were browsing a kids’ store last week. All of a sudden, something pink, sparkly, fluffy, sequined and zebra-striped caught P’s eye and she made a beeline for a rack of pink fluff.

“Mommy! Look at this!” she gasped.

Yup, it was a pink, sparkly, fluffy, sequined, zebra-striped dress with attached tutu. And it was pretty cute. Very Penelope. If anyone can pull off zebra-stripes with pink tulle, it’s Penelope.

“That’s cute, Penelope.”

“Can we get it?” she asks/begs.

“No,” I respond.

“But I LOVE it,” she begs.


“Well then I’m going to ask Santa,” she says. “Because Santa’s watching!” She then steps aside, gazes up at the ceiling searching for Santa’s smiling face.

“Santa,” she says, her eyes searching the heavens for Santa. “I weally want this dwess. Can you please bwing it for me?”

She then steps back toward the dress and looks at me.

“I asked Santa! And he heard me!”

“How do you know?” I asked.

“Because he’s ALWAYS watching. Even when I’m sleeping. So he heard me.”


Santa did hear. Merry Christmas from Penelope!


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