Sew What?

Over the past couple of months, Cecilia started making clothes for her dolls. She’d take scraps of fabric from her craft box, cut them up, and create clothes. The funny thing is that to seam together the fabric, she used duct tape.

“I think we should get her a sewing machine for Christmas, ” I told Fred. “Enough with the duct tape.”

The one we found was recommended for 8 year olds, but Cecilia has pretty good fine motor skills so we went with it.

And…she LOVES it. Perhaps we’ve got a budding Monique Lhuillier  on our hands?

C's first creations: a pillow and a purse for her doll


2 responses to “Sew What?

  1. I LOVE it! And, she is good!!!!

  2. Yes, I’m pretty impressed, especially since I don’t sew! Cecilia inherits her sewing skills from her dad…he does kind of sew for a living, right? Haha! I don’t think my family ever had a sewing machine in our house while I was growing up. Soon enough, Cecilia will be teaching me how to sew!

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