My Therapy

4:45am and I’m prepping my coffee.  Three-and-a-half year old Penelope staggers into the kitchen, rosy-cheeked and sleepy-eyed.

“I’ll miss you, Mommy,” she slurs as she stretches out her arms for a hug. “Will you call us? And do Face Time?”

Fred, Cecilia and Penelope took off for the Heart of the Valley early this morning.  On their agenda: 1) Eat amazing Thai food in Portland. 2) Visit with Fred’s family. 3) Meet the newest member of the family: baby cousin Tristan. 4) Try to stay warm and dry while romping around in Corvallis in the middle of a cold, wet Pacific Northwest winter.

They’ll be gone for a full week, and while I will admit that I look forward to some quiet, selfish time at home, I already miss my family. Fred, Cecilia and Penelope are my sunshine, and I’m a worrywart.  Worst-case scenarios play out in my head constantly, and they will continue to do so until they arrive safe and sound at home on Saturday.

So what do I do to help soothe my initial emotions of sadness and anxiety? I hit the trail, of course, for over 2 hours of what I call “my therapy.”


2 responses to “My Therapy

  1. Ah, I love having the house all to myself!! Of course, my daughter is almost 14 so I’m not as big of a worrier as I used to be. She’s got it together, so I trust her to take care of herself. I found your blog on AMR and loved your interview. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m envious of your trail runs… do you have access to trails close to your house? I live in Savannah, Georgia and it’s nothing but FLATness in every direction… and NO trails as far as I know. Well… okay I guess the beach may qualify as a very sandy, flat trail haha. Again, thanks for letting us be inspired by you!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Jamie! You give me hope that when my daughters are 14, it won’t be as scary as I’m imagining! To answer your question, yes I do have access to trails close to my house. Santa Barbara is a remarkable place for road runners, trail runners, cyclists, mountain bikers, hikers, and then all the ocean sports. It’s where the mountains meet the sea. The picture of me at Inspiration Point…that trailhead is just a 5 minute drive from my house. The trail pictured on this post – that trailhead is about 10 minutes away. I’m pretty lucky in that way. I do hear Savannah is fabulous, and it’s a place I’d love to visit one day!

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