First of all, I got an email that the Chicago Marathon sold out in a record time of 6 days. 45,000 people registered in 6 days! I’m so glad I registered on day 1. I’m telling you, it’s the year of Chicago. (Fingers crossed there’ll be no heat wave like in ’07!)

But let’s focus. Chicago isn’t until October. OC Half Marathon is in 13 weeks and I’m getting serious for this one. My friend/coach Drea of Two Motivate has taken me under her wing and has agreed to provide me with weekly written workouts, unlimited access to her knowledgeable running/fitness mind, and some serious hand-holding and guidance to help me reach a personal goal at the OC Half Marathon.

Sure, I’ve spent months training for races, but this will be different. I feel like this training period I’ll be taking my running to the next level and training with more focus and intensity. I’m a bit nervous, but also excited! Dare I say, I think this is going to be fun?

My only concern…I’ll be a bit OCD about the OC. I hope my family can handle it.

Wish me luck!


3 responses to “OC(D)

  1. Yay Maggie! No doubt in my mind that you will be awesome!

  2. You’re going to achieve whatever you set out to do. You’re so dedicated! Can’t wait to follow your training.

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