It’s time to talk shit. Literally. Or I should say talk poop. Keep it clean.

Before I had kids, no one ever told me how much I would talk about poop as a parent. But we do. I do. And you other parents out there do, too. Admit it!

It starts when your baby has her/his first poop. You’re supposed to note the time, color, consistency. I remember keeping daily logs about C’s pee and poop. This poop obsession continues as they start eating solid foods and their poop becomes more firm, less baby-like and more like real human poop. Then they start potty training and they poop in a make-shift toilet, which can be kinda gross. But, at the same time, parents get super excited about this. Our kid shit in a toilet! Awesome! We’re this much closer to getting rid of diapers!  Some parents are even astounded by the sheer size of their child’s poop. It can be disturbing at times.  It’s true.

If you’re like my older daughter, there’s now an issue of constipation. (Yes, if my daughters ever discover this blog when they are in their teens and up, they will be absolutely mortified.) Every few days we have to ask her if she pooped and get into the details to determine whether or not it’s time to give her prune juice.

This evening my 3.5 year old took it to another level. She was sitting on the toilet. Pooping. With the bathroom door open. 

“Mommy,” she called out to me. 

“Yes, sweetie?” I ask.

“I like when I go poop because it makes my booty feel good. And it helps my booty stretch.”

You gotta love the candid observations of a child.


4 responses to “TMI

  1. Yeah- well, at least you have girls. They like to wipe themselves- boys- geez…they want you to wipe their ass forEVER!

  2. Yup, not sure I can handle a boy. A husband is enough for me!

  3. Hhahhahaaaa!! I totally thought this was going to be a post about how to not shit your pants while running a long run. In which case I was going to jump in with both feet to explain how my BRF and I overanalyze, fret and have anxiety attacks over whether or not we’ll be able to make boom boom before our next race.
    Instead, I will say this… my daughter, the THIRTEEN year old regularly has to hear her darling mother say, “WHen’s the last time you pooped?” Yep… I can’t help it. I’m a worrier. She just rolls her eyes and says, “Mom!”

    • HAHAHA! Funny thing is, months ago I wrote that post about shitting in your pants while running. BEcause I actually did shit in my pants during a long run…a race actually. It was a half-marathon, and it was HORRIBLE! But it was a PR at the same time. I’m somewhat embarrassed because the elites can talk about shitting in their pants while racing, but I’m a middle-of-the-packer. I shouldn’t be shitting in my pants. Oh well! Anyway, that’s funny about your 13 year old daughter! I’m SURE I’ll be doing that too! I’m a also a worry wart! Thanks for your comments!!!

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