I’m realizing that in just over 4 short months, I’ll have to change the tagline on this blog. As of June 25th, I’ll no longer be a functionally single mom. At least, that’s what I hope.  After what will be 5 years of a major roller coaster ride, a roller coaster ride I wish I could have jumped off of more than a dozen of times, Fred will officially be done with his general surgery residency and will move on to a slightly less time consuming schedule as a practicing surgeon. He’ll be a “real” doctor, as Cecilia likes to say. He won’t always have to leave the house for work at 5am, he’ll be home more weekends (FULL weekends) and most evenings in between.  I hope the girls and I can handle having a guy around the house more often! Ha Ha!



2 responses to “Tagline

  1. My only suggestion for your move- before leaving stuff yourself stupid with all the foods/drinks you love out there in SB (or just CA in general). I can’t begin to tell you how many times Josh and I will sit and just talk about the foods we miss, and what we would be eating right now were we in town. I know you’ve moved before, but I just had to post anyway 🙂 Also, stare at the ocean as long as you can without going blind. We have pictures of the water up all over our house. I miss it so much.
    Good luck with the move- I’m still hoping I’ll be out in SB before you leave!

    • Oh yes. I completely understand the food/drink thing. We are STILL talking about Portland restaurants…5 years later! Let me tell you, Los Arroyos will be missed dearly. I know you know what I’m talking about!!!! I hit the Wildcat a few weeks ago so I can say I’ve been there. I won’t miss that place, though. 🙂 And the ocean…we will be less than hour from the Oregon coast, but the SB coast is just so damn beautiful. I mean, sandwiched between the mountains and the ocean…it can’t get any more beautiful! I want an entire wall of my house covered in a mural of my favorite ocean view, with bluffs and everything. Is that too much to ask? hee hee. I just love the ocean. I always have. One of my favorite things to do here is walk on the beach and collect sea glass. I have been doing it for a few years now and would love to make my kitchen back splash out of the sea glass. I don’t have enough, but I’ll definitely have an ocean color theme going on in the kitchen. Anyway…let me know if you get out here in the next 4 months!!!

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